Looking to take your career and income to the next level?

  • Daily Lead Flow // x iRise receive over 2 million visitors per year across multiple digital assets + channels
  • Unfettered Access // Platinum and Pre-Platinum access to all pre-construction projects in Canada
  • Impactful Coaching // Weekly sales & product training from Partners responsible for over a billion in collective RE volume
I think I'm a good fit!

PS. We only hire ambitious agents with lofty goals.

Canada's Largest Brokerage-Owned Pre-Con Platform

Who we are & what we do

Here's the deal, we have a lot of traffic and lots of great leads...

More than we can currently handle

We're looking to recruit two or three exceptional agents who have a passion for Pre-Construction (and real estate in general)

What we're not looking for is an average agent - we expect all of our agents to represent our brand well & leverage our training, leads, and relationships to take their career to the next level

The right agent joining our team with have the opportunity to produce in excess of 50 transactions a year

In exchange for providing the lead flow and the relationships to do that, we're looking for agents who:

  • are intuitive & quick learners, who have a passion to learn everything there is to know about Pre-Construction real estate
  • focus on building long term relationships with our client database, rather than one-off transactional relationships
  • are willing to put in the work: we require agents who show up, and put in the work on a daily basis

  • If this sounds like you, please apply & let's talk.